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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2008|01:53 pm]
yay tattoos!check it!Collapse )
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explanation [May. 7th, 2008|10:45 pm]

for any awkward comments im leaving all over my lj groups and stuff:
ive been diagnosed with whooping cough and am currently on five different medications which make me feel loopy and unable to control any verbal diarrhea. 
so sorry, my bad.

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whoa [Oct. 1st, 2007|03:33 pm]

i never know what to say at livejournal anymore.

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okay... [Apr. 17th, 2007|05:26 pm]

so seriously go ahead and if my story makes you not want to know me, that's fine.

okay so these gross ass pizza faced little puritans were walking around while i was long boarding and i saw them and i knew that they were going to try and do so i hurriedly shoved cornelius inside so he wouldn't have to witness the anihilation. i set out to make things very difficult for them
here's how it went.
samee:*turning around* (they crept up on me) uh...hey

gross girls: uhm hi.

Samee: uh hey.

GG: what's your dogs name?

Samee: cornelius...

GG: i used to have a basset hound


GG: so what we're really here for is to invite you....oh wait...do
you go to church?

Samee: me, personally, no. my parents try and go though.

GG: oh...well we'd love to see your parents come and attend our church whenever they dont feel like going to theirs.

Samee: oh...kay.

GG: also, we want you to read the back of this *hands me a pamphlet* and read the back to make sure that you are sure to end up in heaven.

Samee: oh..uh....well personally, I dont believe in heaven.

GG: *suddenly taken aback* OMIGAH well here, *rumages through homely purse* let me give you this and this and this and this
(by this time i have like ten pamphlets)

Samee:....oh uh...I'm actually dislexic. I lost faith because god refused to help me read

GG:I'm sure that if you refound faith in the lo...

Samee:no. I've tried. Instead of wasting my time praying, i actually picked up a book and fought through my dyslexia by myself. and maybe just maybe if you spent less time praying to the lord to take away your pizza face, you might just go ahead and wash your face. it helps.

GG:..uhm. Whats your name?

Samee: Uh. i dont think you really need it, but I'm samee

GG:Well samee we hope to see your parents.


and then they turned and walked away but not before i made sure they saw that i threw away their pamphlets in the trash.


OKAY honestly i really dont mind people believing in what they believe but  they crossed the line when they asked me if im sure im going to heaven.

i mean seriously, i don't actually believe in heaven but for them to think that im going to hell because of not going to church...nu-uh. no thank you.

go ahead, send me angry messages.

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oh what? [Feb. 17th, 2007|03:45 am]

yeah new user pic. 
take that live journal.

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for zack-ary [Feb. 10th, 2007|03:27 pm]

you missed a thug party.

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NEW [Feb. 8th, 2007|10:14 pm]

hair cut.
and it's dyed.
but you cant see.
because it's in blackand white.

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nice [Dec. 2nd, 2006|12:42 pm]
last night i had alcoholic energy drinks.
psh who needs more than two hours of sleep anyways?
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whoa... [Sep. 4th, 2006|12:37 am]
so steve irwin died...

i kind of almost cried.
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bwahah. [Aug. 11th, 2006|10:13 pm]
I work at the movie theaters in the mall.
my first day starts tomorrow at noon.
come see me in the most unflattering tuxedo top ever.
and then ask me about my cumberbund that I'm wearing right now.
so today is my last day of being a fat lazy bitch and nobody is hanging out with me. weird.
call me duuuuuudes.
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